ATACHE, leader in the philosophy of Scientific Cosmetics.
The excellence of the services provided to beauty professionals, with results based on expert know-how, exceptional new formulation and the commitment to quality, all add up to the philosophy embodied by Scientific Cosmetics.

Science at the service of beauty, "GET RESULTS".
To achieve the very best results possible, meeting the professional and commercial needs of our clients in order to help them identify themselves as "ATACHE Professionals".

The world of ATACHE guarantees the finest quality.
Atache Laboratories develops, produces and sells its products based on the integral functions which allow the highest possible compliance as regards security and quality. Full compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), environmental management and occupational health risks. The scientific cosmetics from ATACHE embody perfect balance between beauty and care, between pleasure and the final results.

"When you learn to love, you have a creative soul. We invent products for all those real needs. Every woman, and every man, each one is unique".
ATACHE Despigmen

The DECLÉOR story started 35 years ago through the application of both passion and energy. At that time it was known as CLEOR (The Clé en Or or Golden Key that opens the Temple of Beauty), and its philosophy was "Be more than skin-deep" and each initiative was designed for the wellbeing of the body, the skin and the spirit, an astonishingly holistic and cutting-edge approach. And that was in 1974!

This fabulous adventure was initiated by a passionate and bold team consisting of a beautician, a doctor, a shiatsu teacher and a fantastic aromatherapist and physiotherapist, the latter being a pioneer in her field.

Their joint knowledge, their holistic approach to the body and their expertise in energy points prompted them to create fabulous plant-based treatments practiced in beauty salons.

They initiated a range of novel treatments associated with a line of unique products that were 100% pure, 100% natural, and without colorants or preservatives. Known as AROMESSENCE™, these ultra-active daily serums applied before a daily moisturiser were an immediate success. They were quickly joined by innovative Face, Body, Sun and For Men products available in the form of delicately textured serums, balms and creams.

After a decade in business, CLEOR became DECLÉOR, marking a turning point for the brand.
DECLEOR Aroma White C+ Cleanser DECLEOR Aroma White C+ Essential Serum DECLEOR Whitening Mask & Protect
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